Shrikhand is the simplest of all desserts that leaves you spellbound with its simple yet flavoursome features! It is a dessert recipe from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra in India. I recently discovered this extremely easy and beautiful recipe in my mother’s old recipe books; and immediately wanted to recreate it my way.
Shrikhand has a balanced sugar content on the palate. It is essentially prepared using minimal ingredients such as yogurt and saffron. Variations also exist that utilise seasonal fruits such as mangoes (the ones with mangoes are called Amrakhand), that makes way for a different recipe altogether; some other day for that. Watch this space for it!
Shrikhand tastes best when served chilled! Go on and do try making it, trust me it is child’s play! 😉

Serves 2-3
400g yogurt
3 tbsp powdered sugar
2 tsp green cardamom powder
1 tsp saffron
1/2 cup warm milk
5-6 pistachios for garnish

Step 1: Whip up the yogurt in a bowl. There should not be any lumps, this is important for the Shrikhand to have a smooth, velvety texture.
Step 2: Transfer it to a clean muslin cloth and tie the ends up. Hang it to a pin for 3-4 hours to remove the whey. Put the hung yogurt in the fridge for another 2 hours to stop it from turning sour.
Step 3: In the meanwhile, put the saffron in the warm milk for about 30 minutes till it changes colour completely.
Step 4: Transfer the hung yogurt from the muslin cloth to a bowl. Add the saffron milk. Mix well.
Step 5: Add the powdered sugar and green cardamom powder. Mix all the ingredients well.
Step 6: Serve chilled it in a bowl, garnished with pistachio slivers.

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    Thanks a lot for the lovely recipe of Shrikhand.

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