Brigadeiro is a delectable delight from Brazil! It is also extremely easy to prepare and is a sure shot hit at parties, reunions, or any celebration! I stumbled upon this recipe while searching for eggless desserts and voila! I discovered this wonderful delicacy prepared using essentially three ingredients-butter, condensed milk, cocoa. Also, it can be made in numerous ways with different coatings; here I have recreated the original form using chocolate sprinkles as the outer layer.
Popular Brazilian folklore has it that, Brigadeiros came about during the elections of 1945 in Brazil and it was offered as a party treat for a Brigadier who was nominated for the elections as a way of raising funding and votes; hence the term Brigadeiro-‘treat of the Brigadier’. Elsewhere, it is also known as Brazilian Truffle.
Well, from my experience, this scrumptious exotic affair will surely get all the votes of your loved ones, trust me! 😉

Makes 15 pieces
1 tbsp butter
400g condensed milk
4 tbsp cocoa powder
1 cup chocolate sprinkles

Step 1: Sift cocoa powder through a sieve and set aside.
Step 2: Melt butter in a non-stick pan. Lower the heat and empty the can of condensed milk in it.
Step 3: Next add the sifted cocoa powder into the pan. Keep stirring with a wooden spatula the whole time, so that lumps are not formed. Stir to the point that the mixture attains a slightly thicker consistency and takes a few seconds to glide when parted with a spatula.
Do not stir for longer than this point, else it would start to set and become hard in texture; it should be just pliable.
Step 4: Spread the mixture on a flat plate and allow to cool for a minute.
Step 5: Wet your hands with water and start making small balls of the condensed milk and cocoa mixture.
Step 6: Roll the balls over the plate of chocolate sprinkles. You may take any other garnish of your choice. Tastes best when chilled!

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