April 16, 2024

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BBQs 2u Offers Free Gifts on Kamado Joe 

Generally, all Britons have an outdoor kitchen in their yard. This kitchen is active all year round. While some prefer using it in the summer, others use it even in winter. Barbecue and chilled beer may be a perfect combination, but steak and wine are also quite delicious. All that is needed is a perfect BBQ and a good amount of dry wood chunks and charcoal.

This is possible with BBQs 2u which keeps good accessories in their stock. Recently, they also added sauces and rubs to their product category. Their most demanded product is the traditional Asian style, Kamado Joe. Whether you’re looking for the famous Kamado Joe – Big Joe, or Kamado Joe Kettle Joe, they have everything in their stock.

Along with any Kamado Joe BBQs 2u is giving out a 10% to 20% discount and gifts like an official cover and essentials like wood chunks, charcoal, flamer natural lighter, etc. Many customers have availed of this offer and are happy with the retailer’s efficiency and quality of product delivered. The retailer ensures that the products are well packaged and delivered on time in perfect condition.

The famous Kamado Joe – Big Joe II is available at a 10% discount. The big joe, as the name suggests is good for huge gatherings. It is one of the most versatile outdoor cooking unit till date.

  • It has SloRoller Hyperbolic smoke chamber.
  • Airlift hinge with a plastic handle to keep heat away and to give easy access to the person handling it.
  • Along with aluminium side shelves it also has 2-tier divide and conquer cooking system.
  • The Big Joe II is a highly fuel-efficient smoker that creates moist, tasty food. It is comprised of a strong, heat-resistant ceramic shell paired with a fiberglass gasket to create a tightly sealed grill that traps in heat and moisture.

Other brands like Napoleon are also quite in demand in the UK. Britons love anything related to barbecue, but BBQs 2u ensures that their customers receive only the best. Napoleon BBQs have long been regarded as one of the best brands for grilling, offering a combination of quality and price that few can match.

  • The Napoleon grill stands out among practical grills because of its durable construction and lifetime warranties on most of its components.
  • A bundle of experience-enhancing features is highlighted like the infrared sear burner, SafetyGlow knobs, and rotisserie capabilities.
  • The presence of “hotspots” is reduced by the dual-level sear plates’ consistent distribution of warmth to the cooking grids. It’s not just the plates’ varying heights that make them efficient, but it’s also the way they rise from back to front, allowing naturally hotter air at the back to get to the front where it’s cooler.

BBQs 2u leaves no chance in surprising us with their exclusive offers and bundle discounts. Whosoever once buys a product from BBQs 2u becomes loyal to them. The retailer doesn’t only sell grills and ovens, but they also keep accessories like cast iron grills, rotisserie, official covers, and essentials like a wood chunk, charcoal, firelighters, barbecue tools, etc.

Their customers are always happy with their performance and fast delivery. Follow on Twitter to know more about what their customers must talk about them. Customers can also stay updated with deals and offers by checking their social media accounts.